Intesa Sanpaolo ISBD 



Vivocha collaborated with Intesa Sanpaolo International Subsidiary Banks in order to optimize their digital onboarding process and improve their customers digital experience.

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, one of the leading banking groups in the Eurozone, has a strategic international presence (with around 1,100 branches) and has experienced significant growth in the Middle East, North Africa and Central and Eastern Europe.


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The project had the objective of widening the number of activities and services that users can benefit from and activate online. There are numerous products that can be bought online, during a video session with an advisor, from the comfort of your home such as credit cards.

A very interesting and innovative part of the project is related to the fact that, thanks to the integration of digital recognition, customers can also apply for a mortgage and negotiate online the commercial aspects.

This allows to reduce to only on the number of essential times the customer has to come to the physical branch to complete the process.

There are multiple benefits for the company and for the client, the biggest ones?

Waiting time reduced and improved customer experience!


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